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What are the right Link Building Strategies?

By Saurabh - February 26, 2022

The importance of link building cannot be overstated; if done correctly, it may boost your search engine results. If anything goes wrong, your position in search results will be lost.

Link construction is a complex process that requires a wide range of skills, experience, and financial resources to be successful. To get started with link building, you'll need to know what to do, what not to do, and what options you have.

Everyone has a need to sell their goods or services, regardless of their ability level. Link-building tactics are the most often employed to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to websites.

41% of big industries claim that the right link building is the most typical SEO practice.

As we get started, we'll focus on higher-level methods that need more time, money, and energy. Public relations, content production, and keyword research are some of the abilities required for this.

If you actively advertise your work via articles, blog posts, reviews, press releases, etc., you must adhere to these strategies.

  1. Posting a Guest Article


Guest posting is often regarded as one of the most effective techniques to build a backlink portfolio by experts. 90% of internet marketers utilize contents as their key strategy to get backlinks.


In the link-building approach, guest blogging is a way to boost your website's exposure by putting a link to it on another blog. If the blog owner permits it, the links may be inserted in the body text or in the "About the Author" section with a No-Follow attribute.


When you link to the blogger's blog on your own website, you're also increasing the exposure of that blog.


  1. Resources and links List Pages


You may also use the LBT's Prospects as a resource page or link list. Your high-quality material may be used as a reference page for someone who is interested in that specific area.


As an example, imagine you offer unique material about how to sing. You may be able to get a connection to your website from a website geared for artists and vocalists.






  1. Social media backlinks


As per a research published by Optinmonster in 2019 shows that — social popularity boosts rankings on Google. When it comes to promoting your business or establishing yourself as an expert, this approach works wonders.


Adding a human touch to your brand's online presence and participating in relevant communities may do wonders for your search engine optimization efforts. It's a great way to use your branded traffic and get people curious about you.


  1. Work with the right Influential


Growing your backlink profile and promoting your brand may be as simple as securing reviews, testimonials, or interviews with well-known members of your target demographic.


93% of internet marketers have utilized influencer marketing in their ad campaigns, moreover it’s now considered as a key marketing strategy.


Involve professionals in your brand marketing — arrange interviews, AMA sessions, collect high-quality evaluations, and gather brand champions. With this method, not only will your brand expand, but you'll also build a solid connection with your clients over time.


  1. Using a Competitor's Backlinks as a Template for Your Own


Because of its simplicity and efficacy, this is one of the most popular techniques. To increase your number of backlinks, all you have to do is spy on your rivals' backlink profiles, which can be found in the Backlink Analytics set of reports.


You may focus on one or both of these topics, depending on your objectives. This technique may help you get the same backlink profile as your main rivals and hence increase your search engine results.


It's a good idea to look around and see what other websites are doing well in terms of attracting visitors. Finding out where your competitors are placing their links allows you to narrow down the list of websites where you should also post your link.


  1. Skyscraper Technique


The most enigmatic, but powerful, the technique is to improve upon already-popular material that has a high number of backlinks. But it's not as easy as it seems. This method demands you to do extensive study on the subject matter you're writing about.


For example, according to SEO Tribunal, “refurbishing or updating old contents on your website can increase organic traffic as much as 113%.”


If your present content doesn't meet your target audience's expectations for readability, readability, and keyword density then it's time for a fresh start. Make a better product than your rivals.


Reach out to the websites having hyperlinks to the original article and ask them to replace one of them with yours after you've created superior content.


  1. Adding URL to the post


In order to use this, all you have to do is include a URL in your message or remark. This method should be used with caution since Google does not appreciate spamming backlinks. Make sure your link and message provide viewers with useful and relevant content.


Guest posting, forums, and blog commenting are all common components of this technique. Indeed, if it's done appropriately and without spamming motives, this strategy may boost your website's exposure and traffic.


  1.  Local Citations and Business Directories (Listings)


If you are operating a company for a certain niche or delivering local services, listing on business directories is an essential. According to a research by Moz, citations are the fifth most vital ranking signal for local searches.


Despite the fact that nofollow links may only be placed on selected websites, this method has a good effect on your search results since it delivers you possible clients who have previously discovered you for a specific reason.


In these directories, you may add information about your firm, such as your name, address, and phone number, as well as a link to your website, such as on Google My Business or Yelp or Yellow Pages or Trip Advisor.


  1. Broken Backlinks


The purpose of this method is to discover a broken link someplace, report it to administrators or webmasters, and attempt to have it replaced with a link of yours to the same type of information.


Find your competitors' broken links, and you'll be on your way. At first look, this method may seem tedious, but it may have an impact if used appropriately.


  1. Reciprocal links


This method is the most contentious one, since Google handles it unexpectedly and may reduce your website rating. For example, you may link to someone else's site in exchange for a link back from them to yours.


Mutual do-follow links with keyword-rich anchor text are common in this arrangement between two website owners. Why is it a problem for your search engine rankings? When utilized in excess, however, Google may see it as an attempt to manipulate its search engine rankings.


  1. Build links with images


People are more likely to click on images since they attract their attention and take up screen real estate. Creating and marketing pictures (infographics, graphics, product photographs, comics) is a great way to get more backlinks from other websites.


32% of online marketers urge that images are a key content part in their digital marketing strategy.


According to Demand Gen Report, "images can easily increase your web traffic by 12%."


Moreover Buffer report says that, "social media posts with images get 150% more shares than the posts shared without images.


It is important to make sure that the picture directory is not referred to when using images as backlinks. Links ending in.gif,.png,.jpg, etc. to image directories are dead ends, resulting in a waste of bandwidth.


  1. Become a part of a network of professionals in your field


Through events, social media, or any other networking, you may get your site and content in front of more people who may link back and help you grow your audience.


Getting involved in relevant Facebook Groups may be a great way to get your message out there. You don't want to come off as spammy if you overdo it.


The objective of this exercise is to disseminate knowledge that you believe will be beneficial to others in the neighborhood. There is no obligation on your part, but it's possible that they will connect to you.


Observe other members of an online community when you join one. An invitation to talk with a blogger who claims they're planning to write about anything relating to your business might result in a blog article about your company.


Final words


Your website's position and traffic may be improved in several ways. A backlink portfolio is the most frequent and oldest method of accomplishing this aim. The methods described above are among the most important in link development right now.

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