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Top Tips To Follow While Doing SEO Competitive Analysis

By Saurabh - October 02, 2022

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important supportive strategies in digital marketing. Websites ranked at the top Search Engine Results Page (SERP) would be helpful for attracting more audiences. It is not easy to attain the top ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others. SEO competitive analysis it is important to attain the top ranking in the search engine.

Importance Of Competitive Analysis:

Competitor Analysis helps to easily attain a major success rate in the SEO campaign. Normally, making a thorough competitive analysis would be helpful for easily turning your website into a success.

It is quite important to improve your site with a new innovative strategy. Identifying the strength and weaknesses of competitors' sites is quite important for ensuring that you attain the position in the search engine.

There are various strategies helpful for ensuring that you could attain the top position. It is quite important to analyze the weaker spot for easily capitalizing the weakness in the site and it increases search performance. Making a quick competitive analysis is quite important for ensuring that your website reaches its goal.

Even though you attained the top position in the search engine, there would be some other competitor website that mainly tries to beat your ranking. Competitive analysis has the complete outlines of websites that includes both strength and weakness of the competitor.

This report contains important business's target market by comparing the products and many others. Competitive analysis is one of the most important SEO strategies that help to easily improve the search rankings of the website. It also adds more user experience for visitors to the site.

  • Find the exact strategy of your competitors
  • Devise 10x strategy better than your competitor
  • Find strengths and weaknesses
  • Find new link opportunities
  • Increase the chances of ranking
  • Encourage innovation
  • Improve User Experience
  • Prioritize set of SEO tasks


1. Identify Top Competitors:

Identifying the top competitors in your business is quite necessary and it brings you a suitable SEO strategy. It is quite easier to identify the competitors on your website; you can easily open the Google searches and write the preferred keyword list.

You would have a list of top sites denoting your keywords. Sometimes you could also see the same site on the search results. Identifying the site with more keywords according to your niche and add them along with competitors. You can also easily search for the site with a higher search volume for getting accurate details.

With this process, it is quite easier for identifying the list of top competitors for your business online. Identifying the long-tail terms in the search engine is quite helpful for finding the sites ranking relevant to the terms. In this process, it is better to not list the large retail brands such as Amazon and many others. The main reason is that they would simply skew the metrics.

Determining the number of competitors is quite important, so it is important to drive deep into the profile of the competitors. It would automatically give a complete analysis of the report. You can easily start the general metrics to the highest extent. In the modern-day, there are many numbers of tools are available for easily analyzing the metrics in the competitors.


This is mainly included with the various criteria such as:

  • Domain Authority
  • Domain Age
  • Link Velocity
  • Inbound Links
  • Social Shares

Having a thorough, comprehensive understanding of the number of competitors would be helpful for making further steps for outnumbering them. The competitor's analysis with the SEO would be quite an efficient option for ensuring that you could easily drive deep into the Backlink profile.


2. Content Audit:

With making the complete analysis of the number of competitors along with the profile, it is quite important to make the best research on content marketing. Determining the duration about which the competitors are active based on the creating and sharing of content would be helpful for finding the engagement ratio.

  • Determines Problems in Website Content
  • Evaluates Content Quality
  • Diagnoses the Content Gaps
  • Identifies Opportunities for the Content Repurposing
  • Improves Information Structure


3. Social Media Optimization:

Another most important step that you need to find effective in analyzing the competitors is Social media. Evaluating the competitors' Facebook, Twitter, blog, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many other accounts would be quite an efficient option, it is helpful for determining their activity with the number of followers in each of the posts.

In the modern-day, social media plays an important role in making quick communication with clients. Most of the business has been using this strategy for marketing campaigns. This process ultimately saves more time without any hassle.


It is quite helpful to determine first targets in both the:

  • Follower Acquisition
  • Engagement Ratio

Social media competitor analysis is helpful for gaining the major engagement ratio of the competitor. Social media audit questionnaires could be extensively used in the process.


3. Analyzing Barrier To Entry:

With having a thorough understanding of competitors, it is quite a convenient option for creating the strategy on the averages from data uncovered. Determining the number of links that you could acquire would be quite an en efficient option.

The next phase is analyzing the quality of links for easily showing them in the search results. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others mainly list the website in the number of traffic and user-friendly features.

Avoiding the keywords with a strong website with domain authority would be quite an efficient way. Normally, Domains will be quite tougher and gives you the most rewarding and trusted by Google.

Determine the numbers of Blogs, articles, or contents that are shared every week. This would be quite an excellent option for easily analyzing keywords with topically focused on the social media process.

Data analysis would be the main backbone of the SEO strategy. It especially creates a major structure in the campaign. Having 100% accurate data is quite important so that you would get the return on investment (ROI) to the highest standard.


4. Visual Components Optimization

People know SEO but give less importance to the visuals provided on the website. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the visual components are unattractive. The Images help to attract the readers to your content. By keeping relevant images and photos in the content, the readers will go through the content and will spend more time on the website that eventually benefits the company. 

With user-friendly visual content, the use of better and relevant images helps the website to grow and have more readers. For example, for better hairstyles for men, the customers will have to look at the images rather than the content written on the page.

They will search "best hairstyle for men" and will have a look at the various images for better understanding. The images should be in "jpg" or "png" format, so readers can download and have a better knowledge of the visuals.


5. Converting the main keywords into Long-tailed keywords:

Keywords are essential in page, and the main keywords should be converted into long-tailed. Therefore, there should be avoiding short or one-word keywords that adversely affect the website ranking. 

92.42% of keywords get ten monthly searches. The importance of keywords in search engines is an important factor for attracting readers and can have more traffic on the website.

The research of keywords is the first step you should do when writing the content of the SEO. The main keywords should be used for eye-catching of the readers and can have more positive reviews from the customers.

The main problem lies in using short keywords is trendy keywords have many searches on search engines. For example, when you search Cricketers, you will have much higher competition and will not be able to rank the site with this keyword. Hence, by using a long-tailed keyword like "Cricketers in India". It has low competition and readers can have the advantage of the long-tailed keyword.

Let us understand this with an example. If any customer wants to buy online mobile under Rs. 10000, then he will search the specific keyword, "Best phones under 10000" on the search engine. So always, make sure the trending and relevant keywords should be used for better ranking of the business.


6. Finding The Keyword Gaps:

Keywords are the most important for every website to be ranked in the search engine. Keywords showcase your website to the audience. When you find that your website is lagging behind the competitors then it is quite important to choose the right set of keywords for your website.

It is important to have a better understanding of the keyword phrases of the competitor. Identifying the keyword gaps would be quite an efficient option to work closely on that gap.

Analyzing the important factors suitable for your page targeting the individual keywords helps to attain the top position in the search engine. It is a much easier option to fix the issues on adjusting or creating the content for keywords.


7. Discover Popular Pages:

Identifying the WebPages attaining popularity among the audience is an important option for analyzing the position. There are many factors to consider that includes:

  • Pages ranking most keywords
  • Pages having the most traffic
  • Pages having the highest percentage
  • Overall traffic

In the search engine, you could easily find many numbers of competitors with a higher amount of traffic on a certain webpage during the regular interval. Understanding their strategy on the analysis is an excellent way.


8. Page Title and Sub-Headings

The page titles are primary things to be considered while having SEO. The title of the content is the first thing that the readers identify first before going through the content. The page title gives a brief idea about the content written on the page. 

Use of keywords should be used in page title creates more fascinating and catches the eye of the readers. The title should have a concise and descriptive purpose. By adding sub-headings to the content adds more benefits to the user experience and positively enhances the website.

As people are having less time for reading the whole article, they just go through the sub-headings and get an idea about the content. By having proper sub-heading, easy scanning of the article can be done. The sub-headings should have many keywords and brief information about the content.


9. Good Meta-Description:

Meta-description is a short description of the content available on the search engines. Hence, the meta-description should be point perfect and should catch the eye of the reader. 

An ideal meta-description should be 928 pixels per width. Meta-description should consist of a high amount of keywords and it should give a brief introduction of the content. 

As can be seen from the image that the meta-description has a short and brief introduction of the content written on the page. It has many keywords and attracts readers to go through the content.


10. Resolving Internal Linking Issues:

Internal linking in the website is helpful for the search engine to crawl, rank, and index. Site architecture is quite an important method in SEO such as technical issues. When your website lacks a robust internal linking structure then you could easily take advantage of it.


Analyzing the competitor's structure for the site that includes the:

  • URLs
  • Anchor Text
  • Breadcrumbs

Prioritizing these issues would be quite an efficient option for extensively fixing them to the extent. Promoting similar content about weakness would be quite an excellent way of linking internally.

Ranking loss in the search engine also attributes to the poor internal linking so it is important to have the complete Googlebot-friendly features. Analyzing the complete internal linking mistakes would be quite important for reaching the top position ahead of the competitors.


11. Patience:

For any work, patience is the key to success, especially for the website as well. There should be enough patience to run your business online as there may be many ups and down in that. It is not a short period of achievement, it required a long time for success. 

For any great achievements, you need to fall quite many times, and after learning for past failure, you need to step and create goals for your destination. Many great persons have fallen 100 times but have made their names after falling and learning and they finally reached their destination after long hard work.


12. Better User-Experience (UX):

The User-Experience is one of the most important factors for designing the search engines as it makes better readability and seamless experience to explore the site. 85% of adults think that a company's website, when viewed on a mobile device, should be as good or better than its desktop website. 

There are many factors for making a better user experience for SEO. They are loading speed of the page, better content understanding, and internal links attached to contents making the responsive design of the search engines. 

75% of consumers admit to making judgement on a company's credibility based on the company's website design. Hence proved that a good user experience is a key step that you can't afford to miss while doing SEO analysis.

As in the modern era, people are using mobiles more instead of desktop and pcs, they would hope to have the proper fonts, colours and design that makes the website easy to use.

The design should be comfortable and aesthetic to the visitors. The search engines having difficulty in navigating and improper design may get negative feedback from the users, which may lead to the downfall of the company.


13. Analyzing Internal Pages:

With identifying the specific keywords along with the search results, it is quite important to look after your website on a page-by-page basis. When you compare them, it is quite easier to outrank your competitors.

Comparing these pages would be helpful to identify the individual issues on the page. This could also result in the competitors ranking more than any other aspect. This would be quite an excellent way to understand particular pages.

  • Titles – Google rewrites the title tags in search results based on the query. The title helps determine specific keyword searches. Adding a site with Title Tag and inserting the keywords would be quite easier for reaching more people.
  • Meta Description Tag – Considering the description tag for analysis purposes would be an efficient option. Having the generic description tag and knowing how the competitors utilize the site for the pages.
  • H1s And Other Headings – Google gives certain importance to the <h> tags for SEO purposes. Google can use headings for the featured snippet usage and other search features. Using the real <h> tags helps increase site rankings. Comparing the competitors and how it could create an impact on search features would be quite an efficient option.



88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. Hence to ensure that people don't have a bad experience and come back to your sites, follow these steps while doing SEO competitive analysis. The business website can be developed and achieved using SEO and get customer satisfaction. You can grow your business in less time and effort by following these steps.


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